Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Advantages Of Steel Windows

Architects use steel windows for pretty much every type of building. The reason they use them is that they look great and provide a very classic appearance. This article will now cover the 5 main points as to why architects prefer these type of windows over others.

The first reason is that the windows can have very narrow sightlines due to the strength of the material. This size sightlines are just not possible when using other materials like wood, UPVC or aluminium.

Second, steel is an extremely strong material (which is what lends itself to the narrow sightlines in the first point). When compared to an alternative such as aluminium, it is over 3 times stronger. As well as allowing for the narrow sightlines, it also allows the steel windows to hold larger and heavier panes of glass than usual.

The third reason that architects prefer steel windows is that they are so versatile. No matter if it's a traditional Gothic house or a new build office block that the windows are going to be used in, steel will not only look good, but it will also complement the existing structure. As it is so versatile it has been used in a variety of properties over the years including churches and cathedrals, schools and universities, commercial properties, hospitals, shops, factories and of course residential properties.

The fourth reason for selecting steel windows is that they have such a long life cycle. Unlike wooden or UPVC window frames, steel windows have an extremely long life cycle, with some examples in Europe being over a century old and still looking great! Even across American there are examples which have outlived three generations, and often when they are replaced it is not due to the frame but rather the glass in the frame or the surround for the frame.

The fifth and final reason is that they have an excellent fire rating. This is one of the reasons they are so popular in commercial buildings and office blocks. There are a range of fire rated designs available, including some opening windows which have the relevant fire rating and also combine the previous 4 benefits of the steel windows.

As you can see, there are 5 very good reasons as to why architects prefer steel windows over their alternatives. Obviously each of the other materials have their own benefits as well, so the windows which you select for your project will depend on your exact requirements.

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